We are a mother-daughter team from sunny Southern California with a love for sewing and inspiring others to create unique and beautiful clothing for the girls, boys and dolls in their lives.

 Maybe it's growing up in the 60's, maybe it's the hours I, (Patti) spent sitting beside my grandma while she made me "magic" dresses for me out of her old dresses, but I never liked following a pattern, (or a recipe for that matter!)  I learned to sew at a time when every girl was expected to take Home Economics and I remember being thrilled in my first sewing class.  As this whole new world opened up to me, I also developed a new addiction- fabric!  In high school my best friend and I wore our own creations all the time, even to prom! Married at 19, with two daughters by 23, I spent all my free time making matching dresses for them.  I looked forward to teaching my girls to sew for themselves, but by the time they were old enough, they were too cool to wear my matching, handmade outfits!

 It was probably in junior high, when I, (Angi) discovered Wet Seal and Guess Jeans.  My mom would see the "cool" clothes I wanted and would say "We could make this!" which horrified me.  No one else's mom was making they clothes!  And I certainly had no interest in learning to sew myself.  Reluctantly my mom gave-up, bought the Wet Seal outfit and limited herself to sewing curtains and pillows for my room.

 Fast-forward to 2009 and I became the mother of my own little girl.  My mom went crazy sewing dresses for her all from her own designs, happy to have someone to sew for again.  When we would shop for dress for Harper, my mom would again say, "we could make this!" and I actually found myself agreeing with her this time!  We went to the fabric store and bought some simple patterns, but my first few attempts ended up with my in tears, even after finally realizing I needed to put the pressure foot down! I hated dealing with the flimsy tissue paper and the instructions might as well have been in another language.  I gave up and that dress is still in my office unfinished!  After that, she brough over a few of her own designs that she had been working on and with her clear, step-by-step directions I realized how simple sewing could be.

 The first pattern was a super basic little design that we decided to call "The Harper Dress."  It was really fun to be able to say that I had made her first Easter dress myself, something that was even a unique design!

We decided that with my mom's pattern design experience, creative designs and ability to simplify that directions, along with my fashion sense, business experience and computer skills, we might have the makings of a business that could encourage the beginner sewer...

and Sew Sweet Patterns was born.

 We have now been in business almost 10 years and love hearing all of your stories and seeing all your photos of your finished products!  We love to constantly be developing new patterns and perfecting some of our classic ones along the way as well.  

 Thanks for stopping by our shop!

 Happy Sewing!